Original Wiener Apfelstrudel

Apple Strudel is as Viennese as the coffee mixture known as a Melange, as a Wiener Schnitzel, or as the Schönbrunn Palace.

It is in fact here, at the Schönbrunn Palace, where the Imperial bakery is located that - according to reliable sources - is where the center of the Apple Strudel universe is located.

The best Apple Strudel in the world is prepared beneath these arched walls where royal meals once were prepared for the Emperor.

The Emperor and the Apple Strudel

Legend has it that the Apple Strudel was the favorite dessert of Empress Sisi and Crown Prince Rudolf.

Even the Emperor, whose fondness for sugared pancakes with raisins and baked apples (known to Austrians as “Kaiserschmarrn”) is well-documented, was said to be avid fan of the Apple Strudel.

It was this imperial pleasure which allegedly prompted him to say, “All good things come in threes.”

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