History of the Café Residenz

Café Residenz - The Emperor Would Have Been Greatly Pleased

Emperor Franz Joseph I. apparently once said to a journalist: "You've got it good, you can go to the Café". Well, during those times that was unfortunately not possible in the Schönbrunn summer residence. Today though, a hundred years later, it's no problem, as the Querfeld family has been running the Café-Restaurant Residenz in Schönbrunn Palace since December 1998.

As a guest here you can enjoy the flair and atmosphere of a classical Viennese coffeehouse, as the Querfeld family of cafetiers have succeeded in transferring the richly traditional atmosphere of the Café Landtmann to the Residenz in Schönbrunn. Everything a guest values in the Landtmann can also be found here, attentive waiters, Viennese coffee specialities, exquisite Viennese pastries, as well as first class Viennese cuisine.

Anyone who feels like having the Schönbrunn Palace to themselves (as the emperor did!) can rent the Café-Restaurant Residenz for the evenings for family or business parties and let themselves be spoilt with fine food and drinks in Imperial ambience.


So where exactly is the Residenz? You can find it easily; step into the Palace complex by the main entrance, and you find yourself in the Ehrenhof. If you then keep left you reach the Kavalierstrakt which forms the left wing of the Ehrenhof.

Go through the column entrance in the middle of this wing to the Café-Restaurant Residenz and the Hofbackstube (Bakers to the Crown). Here in the cosy baroque rooms is a comfortable Viennese Café. Wandering through the Café brings you out onto a wonderful terrace offering a beautiful view of the Schönbrunn Palace gardens. The terrace is covered by a wind and weatherproof marquis, which provides pleasant shade on hot days.

The Café-restaurant Residenz is run by Berndt and Irmgard Querfeld, who spoil all their guests with Imperial hospitality.


Café Residenz