Kavalierstrakt 52, A-1130 Wien

Main Dishes

Beloved classics, excellently prepared

Enjoy traditional cuisine from Vienna and the best international culinary art. For example, fine Viennese Tafelspitz, tender-cooked beef, beautifully aromatic with the classic side dishes. Or juicy Viennese fried chicken with potato salad, beef goulash and a golden-brown Viennese schnitzel. If you prefer vegetarian food, we recommend our spinach-sheep's cheese strudel.

Main Course Meals

Goulash of beef A | F | G | M € 1600
with spaetzle

Schnitzel Wiener Art A | C | G | L | M | O € 1490
Breaded and fried pork escalope with potato-lamb'slettuce salad

Cordon Bleu A | C | G | L € 1790
pork escalope filled with ham and cheese, with French fries

Corn chicken suprème with paprika cream A | C | G | L | O € 1850
with homemade buttered spaetzle

LANDTMANN’S ORIGINAL Quiche A | C | G € 1200
with spinach and feta cheese

LANDTMANN’S ORIGINAL Salmon Quiche A | C | D | G € 1350
with spinach, feta cheese and salmon
A gluten-containing cereals,
B crustaceans,
C egg ,
D fish,
E peanut,
F soya,
G milk or lactose,
H nuts,
L celery,
M mustard,
N sesame ,
O sulphite,
P lupines,
R molluscs