Kavalierstrakt 52, A-1130 Wien

Soups and Salads

As starter or in between snack

We freshly prepare for you, with the best ingredients, what the Viennese would have loved. Zesty goulash soup, wonderfully flavoursome beef soup from Tafelspitz or a stockpot with traditional ingredients like beef, root vegetables, semolina dumplings or pasta. Also, our unique Backhendl (fried breaded chicken) salad is a typical Viennese specialty.

Caesar Salat A | C | G | M | O € 1350
salad with grilled slices of chicken
with prawns   € 1790

Leaf salad with grilled goat cheese G | L | M | N € 1290
walnuts, apples and pear

Gardenfresh salad with fried chicken slices € 1490
with potato salad, beans, red onions and pumpkin seed oil

Goulash soup A | F | G € 690
with a roll

Cremesoup A | C | G | L | O € 570

Beef consommé A | C | G | L € 570
with sliced pancakes
A gluten-containing cereals,
B crustaceans,
C egg ,
D fish,
E peanut,
F soya,
G milk or lactose,
H nuts,
L celery,
M mustard,
N sesame ,
O sulphite,
P lupines,
R molluscs